Investment approach

Our investment approach is grounded in the principles of value investing, which means we seek to identify investments that are undervalued by the market but have strong potential for future growth. We believe that a diversified portfolio across stocks, real estate, and startups can help us achieve our ambitious investment goals while mitigating risk.

​When it comes to stock investments,  we utilize a rigorous investment process that focuses on identifying high-quality companies trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. We achieve this by conducting in-depth fundamental analysis and market research to evaluate a company’s financial strength, earnings potential, and growth prospects. Furthermore, we prioritize companies with strong fundamentals, such as a solid balance sheet, strong dividend track record, and competitive advantage in their respective industries.

We also incorporate corporate bonds into our investment strategy. However, we maintain a selective approach when considering bonds, concentrating solely on corporate bonds with high yields that we believe exhibit relatively low credit risk. By conducting comprehensive credit analysis and due diligence, we seek to identify bonds issued by financially stable and well-established companies with a history of meeting their debt obligations.

In real estate, our approach is to identify properties located in large, growing cities that have the potential for long-term appreciation. We conduct rigorous market research to understand the local real estate trends and identify areas with strong growth potential. We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that the properties are sound investments with the potential for long-term appreciation. We also look for opportunities to add value through strategic renovations or improvements.

When it comes to startups, we seek out early-stage companies with innovative ideas and a strong management team. We look for companies that are solving real-world problems and have the potential to disrupt their industry. We conduct extensive research and due diligence to ensure that the companies have a viable business model and a realistic path to profitability.

Overall, our investment approach is based on a patient, long-term perspective, with a focus on identifying undervalued assets that have the potential to deliver strong returns over time. We believe that by maintaining a diversified portfolio and following a disciplined value investing strategy, we can build wealth for our family fund while managing risk.